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Bortola A21W Road Bike Wheelset

The Bortola clincher wheelset, with its low profile 21mm ultra-light tubeless ready rim, is the light and powerful cousin of the Bracciano and offers you straight-pull rigidity and strength making it ideal for training on harsh roads or racing.


Cycletech Review

"light, fast, tough and available for the kind of wallet friendly price that will mean you won’t have to hide them from your significant other"



The Bortola uses our Japanese EZO bearings to give you the smoothest of rides, with low rolling resistance. Using our patented spoke braces which effectively increase the size of the flange for better power transfer, meaning when you pedal the force created isn’t lost in the wheel and propels you forwards. We have used straight pull spokes to really keep the power transfer at a maximum. In 2017, we made a few small adjustments to make the wheel a little easier to work on. Look at the hub to determine if you have the 1.0 or 2.0.





The Bortola hubs are a direct descendent of the acclaimed Bracciano hubs. Light, fast, dependable and easy to work on. The new 2.0 version hubs are even easier to work on. Japanese EZO bearings keep the rolling resistance to a minimum and the straight-pull spokes keep the power transfer at maximum.

Pro-Lite Bortola Hubs



Pro-Lite Bortola Rim Profile


The sleeved, low profile alloy rim of the Bortola A21W offers the perfect mix of low weight and strength. High strength-to-weight ratio 6061 alloy keeps the rim light and rotational mass low, for a snappy, featherweight feeling. We've even made it tubeless ready so you can get the most out of this amazing new wheelset.



Pro-Lite 100% Hand-Built Wheels

100% Hand-Built Wheels

Pro-Lite 6061 Alloy Wheels

6061 Alloy Blend

Pro-Lite Tubeless Ready Wheels


Pro-Lite Sleeved Rim

Sleeved Rim

Pro-Lite 100% 2 Sealed Bearings Front

2 Sealed Bearings (Front)

Pro-Lite 4 Sealed Bearings Rear

4 Sealed Bearings (Rear)

Pro-Lite Japanese EZO Bearings

Japanese EZO Bearings


Pro-Lite Straight Pull Spokes

Straight Pull Spokes

Pro-Lite Aero Blade Spokes

Aero Blade Spokes

Pro-Lite Butted for Strength

Butted for Strength

Pro-Lite Swedish Stainless Steel

Swedish Stainless Steel



Rim (size) 700C 700C
ETRTO 17-622 17-622
Rim Type Sleeved 6061 Clincher Sleeved 6061 Clincher
Rim Finish Shot Peened Black Shot Peened Black
Spokes 20 24
Shape 2.2mm Double Butted Aero 2.2mm Double Butted Aero
Material Sandvik Stainless Steel Sandvik Stainless Steel
Nipple Material+Gauge Alloy 13/14G Alloy 13/14G
Spoke Brace n/a 2.2mm
Lacing Radial 2-Cross
Bearings (#) 2 (Japanese EZO) 4 (Japanese EZO)
Freehub Type n/a Shimano 
Freehub Switchable n/a Yes
Freehub Material n/a Alloy
Axle Width (O.L.D.) 100mm 130mm
Axle Material Alloy Alloy
Skewer Type QR QR
Weight (no skewer) 630g 795g

Compatible with the Shimano 11 speed standard as well as 9 and 10 speed cassettes.



Here's what the critics have to say about our Bortola A21W Wheel Set.

Cycletech Review

"light, fast, tough and available for the kind of wallet-friendly price that will mean you won’t have to hide them from your significant other"

"I can heartily recommend the Pro-Lite Bortola A21W wheelset if you’re looking for some fast training wheels, or if you want a set of quality do-it-all wheels, either way, they won’t let you down."

"Pro-Lite Bortola A21W is a satisfyingly solid wheel. You really feel confident taking them down the bumpiest lane, or choosing a rougher line through a corner."

"The build quality is fantastic, spin them in your hands and the hubs are smooth, seeming to spin forever. The rims run as true today as when I first got them, despite having been ridden over some quite appalling road surfaces."

"Hand built by skilled workers in the Pro-Lite factory, you know you are getting a quality product, with over thirty years of wheel building experience."

Cycling Tips

"I found the Bortola A21W was agile and easy to accelerate."

"the Bortola A21W is an affordable introduction to the benefits of a wider rim that is skewed towards weight-conscious buyers."

"The combination of a reasonable weight, good agility, and sure feel of the wide rims made for a versatile wheelset that was easy to ride on any terrain."



"You get a really refined ride all round, from the braking performance offered by aluminium, to the responsiveness and efficiency of the hoops – just what you want from a wide, lightweight upgrade wheelset that offers high quality parts in package that doesn’t cost the earth."

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