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The Pro-Lite Story

Pro-Lite isn’t just a Brand, we are the Manufacturer.

All Pro-Lite wheels are designed and manufactured in house. We manufacture every rim, every hub and every spoke. Doing everything ourselves means we have complete control of every step of the manufacturing and building process of our wheels.


Every year we manufacture more than 75,000 Pro-Lite wheels, making us the biggest “fully hand built” wheel manufacturer in the world. As you can imagine, we have very tight controls. Our QC processes ensure that each and every one of those 75,000 wheels are built to our exacting standards and it’s these standards that have enabled Pro-Lite to grow into one of the biggest wheel brands in the world.


Manufacturers our size build their wheels using machines. Not at Pro-Lite. From the very beginning, Pro-Lite wheels have been hand built and they always will be.

We know hand built wheels are better; it’s that simple.



As you can imagine, to build 75,000 wheels a year, we have very strict ways of doing things. Every wheel we build goes through multiple QC checkpoints throughout the wheel building process. This ensures that each and every wheel we ship is perfect.

Our QC process is so thorough, we can scan the barcode on a wheel that is 5 years old and look at every QC step that wheel went through as well as the results. We can tell you the exact tension of every spoke in that wheel, the day and time it was built and by whom. We know when each component in the wheel was manufactured; we can even look up where the raw materials were sourced.


When you buy a Pro-Lite wheel set, you are buying direct from the Manufacturer. We own the factory and we sell direct.

The benefit to you, our customers; more value for your money! No BS, no over inflated pricing. But don’t believe us. Compare the weight and quality of components in our wheels with the price that you pay; and you’ll find we produce some of the lightest, best value, road wheels on the planet.


Quality always costs and we don’t believe in taking short cuts. Cutting corners and using low grade materials is a sure fire recipe for disaster. Pro-Lite has been successfully manufacturing for almost 20 years. We focus on manufacturing quality products and we do things the right way, it’s our recipe for success and why many well known global brands choose to use our services!


Providing quality customer service is every bit as important to us as manufacturing world-class products.

We can’t look after our Australian customers from the other side of the globe! Our distribution center in Australia is located in sunny Queensland.

To keep our costs, and the price of our wheels, down we have contracted Craftworx to run our distribution centre in AUS from January 2018.

Quality service is the key and Craftworx are without peer when it comes to hand built wheels. In conjunction with Craftworx, Pro-lite offer a full in house service and repair centre right here in AUS.



Quality Products, Hand Built, Amazing Value and Great Service.

Getting in touch

  +61 07 3285 3858

  Unit 7, 24 Deakin Street Brendale, Queensland Australia, 4500